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Cashback is the best way to save for your kids


Find a retailer on your
unique cashback zone...



Buy online just as
you do today...



Get a cash reward
from the retailer!


Earn through shopping

When you register with Join SAM you get your very own Cashback zone bursting at the seams with hundreds of great high street names!

If you (or anyone you share it with) use your cashback zone to find a retailer and shop with them just as you do today, then they will pay a cash reward into your Sam Saving Account. A very simple way to start saving for yourself and your little ones.

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Special Offers!

The retailers we work with have provided us with thousands of discount codes that can be used when shopping with them online.

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Learning through doodles

Here at Join SAM, we like to teach people things. Real things. Things that are going to help you in life. We're rather fond of keeping things simple too (big thumbs down to anything that makes your brain ache). And if we can make you smile along the way, all the better.

That's why we have fun little doodles throughout our site. These doodles are there to teach you real life learnings by showing you how things work behind the scenes. We strip out all the complicated stuff, and explain why things happen, who's involved along the way, and generally how all the cogs tick…all in fun and simple ways. Neat huh!

Watch this space

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Helping in other ways

Join SAM really wants to help kids and their families understand how things work when it comes to money, even if it sits outside of what we do at Join SAM.

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Turbo-boost your savings!

Soon you'll be able to turbo-boost the money in your SAM Account…yes, you'll be able to personally invite your favourite friends and family to contribute directly to your account – perhaps a polite request for birthday money, or if you've earned some pocket money, or maybe when you’ve been extra-specially spiffingly good.


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Guess what?

Soon we'll be providing Join SAM Account Cards…yes, your very own! This will allow you to access your money at an ATM or in-store.

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